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Ballsaal/Private Course Policies:

Class Cards (Abos):
All class cards must be used within the set time limit. Class cards may only be extended beyond the set time limit with a written excuse from a medical professional.  All class cards are non-transferable. All class cards will renew automatically unless cancelled.  

All Personal and Duett/Trio trainings require a minimum of 24 ​hours cancellation notice, otherwise the full payment will be charged. This cancellation may be done by email, telephone or SMS.
We reserve the right to cancel any Group Course if there are less than 3 people in attendance.

All Class Cards must be paid within one week of the first training. This may be paid in cash or E-banking.
Cash payment is accepted directly at the start or end of an individual class.
If you are in need of an Invoice, please ask.
Receipts are available on request.
Banking info:
IBAN: CH55 0900 0000 3181 4965 0
Acct: 31-814965-0
Chera Mack, Graffenriedweg 10, CH-3007 Bern

You are responsible for informing the trainer of any injuries.
Please inform the trainer if you become pregnant.


All insurance coverage is the responsibility of the participant. You are voluntarily participating in a Pilates course, and understand that this training includes the use of equipment and exercises that may cause injury. CheraMack. movement does not take responsibility   for any loss, damage or bodily harm that may occur during or after a training session.

One-on-One Personal Training:
Single Class 55min:  130 Fr.
5x  :  620 Fr. (expires after 5 months)
10x   :  1200 Fr. (expires after 12 months)

Duett Training:
 Single Class 60 min.:  85 Fr. per person
5x  :  400 Fr. per person (expires after 5 months)
10x  :  780 Fr. per person (expires after 10 months)

Group Classes @ Ballsaal:
​Single Class : 27 Fr.

10x  :  250 Fr. (
expires after 4 months) 
Fall Semester  :  850 Fr. 
Spring Semester  :  1000 Fr. 

Yearly  :   1700 Fr.  

Small Group trainings available upon request. 

Pricing/Policies for classes at Pilatrium and Casa Pilates can be found on their websites.